DVD Mastering

The Digital Video Disk (DVD) is rapidly becoming a standard media format for motion picture distribution but has yet to be available for custom video projects.

At Dream Street Productions, we can produce either non-interactive or interactive DVDs. A non-interactive DVD has no title pages or menus. When placed in a DVD player, the user's options include stopping, pausing, resuming and fast forwarding through the video. An interactive DVD includes:

  1. Title Page
  2. Navigation Menus
  3. Chapter Links

Pricing for non-interactive DVDs as well as labeling and packaging options are priced on an individual job basis. The pricing below is for our standard interactive DVD creation service.

If you have any questions, please call us at (203) 966-2300 or e-mail us.

Basic DVD with 1 Title Page & 8 Chapter Links:   
     40 minutes of material
     Add'l minutes of material up to $360
     120 minutes of material
Additional Title Pages
Additional Chapter Links
Additional DVD copies done at creation time

Pricing includes a full-color label with printed graphics.

You can contact us at    info@DreamStreet.TV

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