The day is extraordinary. The excitement creates sparks in the air. The sun is streaming through the stained glass and dancing colored lights on the guests' smiles. The groom is waiting impatiently at the end of the aisle. His eyes are glowing with dreams of the future. The bride slowly marches down the white-satined aisle, surrounded in an aura of love and beauty as music fills the air. Time stands still.

It happens only once in a lifetime. The look, the feel and the family touches of so special an event. Capture it forever in breath-taking quality. Let Dream Street Productions and our Emmy Award winning staff take care of the details. The result will be memories so true to life, you'll cry all over again each time you watch.

If you're interested, we invite you to our studio for a viewing of some of our work. You should know that we do not make demo tapes of our personal video work because we respect the privacy of our clients and will only show portions of that work in our studio under our control.

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This black and white segment from an al fresco wedding. You can't miss the emotion either in the image or the sound.
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Here are a few short clips from some reception footage. The slow motion provides a wonderful touch to the romance of the moment.

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